Heat Wave Expected Later This Week

Russia still has a very strong central government which controls many aspects of life we may not be accustomed to.  Heat being one of them.   Most Moscow apartments, but also churches and apparently even hotels, are hooked up to a central heating system.  The government usually turns on the heat in mid-October.  But because it’s been unusually cold this year, the government has decided to turn the heat on this Wednesday, two weeks early.


I’ve been huddling around the little space heater the hotel gave me.  It works great if you’re right next to it, which I rarely am.  Showering is the worst, because the heater won’t work with the bathroom outlet.  Is shivering a form of exercise??


So I’m counting down to Wednesday when I can crank up the radiator and pretend it is summer in my hotel room.


It could be worse.  They actually turn off the hot water for up to a month in the summer.  Luckily I’ll miss that fun event.



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