You Should Never be too Cocky

The Moscow metro stations are really deep.  The escalators at the deepest station are 126 meters long and have 740 steps (Thanks Wikipedia), and look something like this.

So this morning I’m spacing out on the long escalator ride up and I see this guy, looking all smug and proud of himself, sliding down the escalator railing.  The railing is really, really long, so he had picked up a lot of speed.  But he just sat there looking at all of us like we were the fools.  Then SMACK!!

He crashed into the wall where it jutted out a little, and he bounced off onto the escalator steps.  He slowly wobbled to his feet, holding his head.  Then for the rest of the time I could see him (several minutes) he continued to try to walk down the Up escalator but never made any progress.  Just holding his head, walking in place.

OMG.  I was laughing so hard I was crying.  But I was the only one.  What?  Is it rude to laugh at someone being stupid?  He got up.  If he hadn’t gotten up I wouldn’t have laughed.   I think everyone else was laughing on the inside.  It’s just part of their stoic .


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