Your Job could always be Worse


Think your job sucks?  At least your office isn’t a port-a-potty.  These are all over the city, and these poor old women have to sit inside all day, taking money, and cleaning up everyone else’s poo.

Speaking of poo.  The Russian word for cabbage is ka-poo-sta.  My teacher told me to think of a similar word in English that would help me remember.  I said that’s easy.  Cabbage tastes like poo.  He didn’t get it.

I’m super bored right now, so here are some random things I saw this week:

  • MC Hammer pants.  On a 40 year old professional woman in heels coming home from work.  And it was kind of windy in the metro, so they were flapping around like she had little wings on her legs.
  • More mullets and rat tails than I can count.  I saw the raddest mullet yet at a bar on Sunday.
  • A guy deciding to leave his AK47 in the car.  Now mom, before you freak out, it’s not like this happens everyday.  And I’m no gun expert, but it had the big clip thing on it like you see in movies.  He walked back to the van…just like he had decided he didn’t need that sweater after all.  Maybe he was on official government business, but neither his outfit nor the beat up van he was driving looked official.
  • A girl with a skirt so short that I could see a couple of inches of the panty lining part of her panty hose.  While she was walking.  I don’t see how she could possible sit down.
  • A couple sucking face and doing some heavy petting in the middle of an art gallery.  Umm… how am I supposed to look all intellectual and cultured when there’s a soft porn make-out session going on?  Like mullets, this is a frequent occurrence in Moscow.  It’s a really uncomfortable metro ride when you have a couple making slurpy kissing and moaning noises right next to you.  Really?  You can’t wait? Or at least be quiet, so if I close my eyes I can forget you’re there.

The company cafeteria served meat that was most definitely past its due date, because it tasted like gravel and had a greenish tint to it.  I waited for others to say something before I took a bite, but they didn’t seem to notice.


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