Getting Settled



Nairobi, Kenya

After 40 hours of travel, I arrived in Nairobi blurred eyed and exhausted. Kiva’s trusty cabbie, Saidie, met me at the airport, and we battled Nairobi’s legendary traffic. Was it sleep deprivation or car exhaust fumes that were making me dizzy?

The current Kiva fellows are graciously letting me (several of us, actually) crash at their place, before we take over the lease next week.   My first task was scouting out a place to sleep in the overcrowded house.  This is my cozy corner.

Then it was onto more mundane tasks.  Finding the local shopping center, Yaya’s.  Acquiring a new phone.  Learning to use said phone.  Setting up an MPESA account, which is kind of like Paypal.  Getting groceries.

We’re headed to the coast tomorrow for a little R&R before starting work on Monday.  A lovely looking beach called Daini, near Mombasa.



2 thoughts on “Getting Settled

  1. Take care, Michelle. Keep writing. I love hearing about all your awesome adventures. Godspeed!

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