What Will I Miss the Most?


The Airport

Reality has finally sunk in.  I am on my way to Africa!  All my worldly possessions for 4+ months crammed into a suitcase and backpack.  Not bad considering that includes a sleeping bag & pad, yoga mat, hiking & running shoes, and about 6 pounds of Clif bars.

I’m still not sure what to expect, but I’m not going in with pre-defined expectations. I have only three hopes for this adventure.  That it will result in interesting stories, that it will teach me something new and that it will leave me feeling inspired.

I’ve been spending a lot of time this past week thinking about the things I might miss most.  While in Moscow, I missed things that I hadn’t expected to, like sandwiches.  Just a simple turkey sandwich with good mustard! When I was in Africa in November I craved a burger so bad (despite rarely eating them at home), I had one for breakfast at the Amsterdam airport.  So with the exception of friends and family (which goes without saying), what do I think I’ll miss the most while in Nairobi?

  1. Brushing my teeth with tap water
  2. Sushi
  3. High speed internet & 4G
  4. Wine
  5. Pilates
  6. Fresh salads
  7. Mac and cheese (What can I say?  I’m from the Midwest)
  8. A warm coat (kind of hard to find in San Diego this time of year, and a ski jacket seemed like overkill)
  9. High SPF sunscreen
  10. No currency exchange conversions in my head

What will I actually miss??  We’ll find out.  What do you miss when you’re out of the country?

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2 thoughts on “What Will I Miss the Most?

  1. I definitely missed clean tap water the most. I often would forget and remember mid-brushing. Then I’d wonder if I should continue or sterilize my brush and somehow wash out my mouth. In some destinations, I also have missed reliable electricity – knowing that the electricity will always work no matter how many devices I had plugged in while running the hair dryer.

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