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Antigua & Lake Atilan, Guatemala

The soul knows what the soul needs.  And while I love a good outdoor adventure, my body and mind were begging for relaxation. So I decided to bail on the trek up the Actenango volcano (again), and instead decided to head to Lake Atilan for some R&R.

Both Antigua and San Marcos dictate a slower pace.  I passed away my time in Antigua by lazily strolling down the cobblestone streets, appreciating the colonial architecture (some of which are in ruins from previous earthquakes), and people watching in the busy Parque Central.

Then I took a bus to the tiny town of San Marcos on Lago de Atilan.  There’s not much to do in the tiny village of San Marcos, which was exactly the point.  I spent a couple of peaceful days napping, reading, and staring at the beautiful scenery.

San Marcos is also supposed to be a hub for spiritual activity, so I decided to give Reiki a try.  Meh.  My POV?  I basically paid someone to watch me take a nap.

Some of my favorite Guatemalan memories are:

  • Doing a 30 minute photo shoot with a bunch of Guatemalan Avon ladies in Parque Central in Antigua.  My friend Jenny was especially enamored with her new friend from Estados Unidos.  This is the stuff that doesn’t happen when you’re traveling with other people.
  • Eating.  I may go so far to say that the best Latin American food I’ve had was in Guatemala.
  • Getting hustled by a 10 year old.  Twice.
  • Meeting Irma, from the women’s coop in San Juan La Laguna.  Purchase beautiful scarves while supporting women’s empowerment?  Yes, please.
  • Sitting on my amazing balcony in Lake Atilan listening to a rain storm and contemplating life.

Best.  Decision.  Ever.

San Marcos,  Lake Atilan, GuatemalaAntigua, Guatemala The San Juan La Laguna Women's Coop.  Lovely scarfs and a good cause. San Marcos,  Lake Atilan, Guatemala San Marcos,  Lake Atilan, GuatemalaParque Central, Antigua, Guatemala  San Marcos,  Lake Atilan, GuatemalaSan Marcos,  Lake Atilan, Guatemala  San Marcos,  Lake Atilan, GuatemalaAntigua, Guatemala Puppy love San Marcos,  Lake Atilan, GuatemalaAntigua, Guatemala San Marcos,  Lake Atilan, Guatemala   Antigua, GuatemalaAntigua, GuatemalaAntigua, Guatemala Meeting new friends in Parque Central, Antigua, Guatemala     Catedral de Santiago, Antigua, GuatemalaEveryone in Parque Central was eating these.  I'm not a fan. Catedral de Santiago, Antigua, Guatemala San Marcos,  Lake Atilan, GuatemalaCatedral de Santiago, Antigua, Guatemala


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